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A letter from our founder

Dear Guests,


The Internet revolution to provide a powerful networking platform and an online marketplace community has evolved significantly. Now more than ever people are looking for safe & secure transactions and access to thousands of potential opportunities that are connected to your network string. E3Hub provides a social and professional marketplace community where members have access thousands of people from local markets or international markets all related to your network connection.


E3Hub was first online early 2011 and incorporated November 2011. We have over 300,000 visits per month and many new members signing up daily. E3Hub is a new kind of platform that provides an innovative marketplace community. We implemented a new built in payment and ecommerce system to help stop fraud by having the payment remain inside E3Hub’s Banking grade encryption.


 E3Hub is:

  • E- Electronic
  • 3- Three levels of separation related to a members network connections
  • Hub- Central place to manage all activities and a place where everyone gathers

E3Hub marketplace- Connects buyers and sellers through a trusted network of friends, family, colleges and others connected with them.


E3Hub Professional network- Professional services providers and B2B manufactures, importers, exporters or distributors can sell their products or services to international markets.


E3Hub Indie Music-  Make money with your music. Upload songs to sell to potential buyers. Browse and download independent music.


E3hub Social- World's first community based network that connects local people with their neighborhood, local business, teams & groups.  Invite friends, family and co-workers to join your network. Share ideas, photos & events . 


Vision Statement:


To provide a trusted marketplace through a free professional and social networked community.


Based on proven methods – Driven by a marketplace demand. Our goal is to help provide a new kind of experience and customer satisfaction through good service. For more information on our social platform please contact the E3Hub customer service department.


Please use the system, ask questions, provide feedback and tell your friends.



Robert Dufeu
Founder - CEO



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