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Monday January 10 2022
  • Due to the current shutdown in operations until the end of January we are announcing an update to our Cancellation Policy for 2021-22 Registrations.
  • All GCBA members were offered a reduced membership fee for 2021-2022 of $270 in the hope that we’d be in a position to offer something close to fulsome programming beginning in January 2022.
A typical HL season runs for 13-15 sessions + 2 preseason events and Regular Registration fees for this level of activity would be $325.
  • Given the current covid situation, consequent Public Health guidelines and restrictions, and our obligations to protect the health and safety of our members, the GCBA may not be in a position to run the revised House League season of 12-13 sessions in 2021-22 as we planned.
  • While we continue to retain hope of being able to offer something close to this in the coming months, the following is our adjusted 2021-22 refund policy, given the costs to run our programming to date:
  • Withdrawal requests received between January 10th and February 15th, 2022, will include a refund minus a $70 Admin fee. This increased Admin fee will assist in recovering some of our expenses to date; and
  • Should we be unable to provide a revised 12-13 session season when gyms open again as planned, a graduated credit/rebate for the 2021-22 winter/spring season will be issued once it becomes more clear what we will be able to offer.
  • further update to the season plans will be provided by February 15th. Please note that any membership withdrawals prior to February 15th may preclude your ability to register and participate in any programming we may be in a position to offer for the balance of the season from Mar-May, as we may face gym restrictions and may not be able to accept more registrations.
We thank you once again for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate our way through these difficult times as best as we can.
Yours truly,
Brad Strong
President  – Gloucester Cumberland Basketball Association



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