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Reposting Items

Reposting Unsold Listings
You can repost items through the Unsold Listings View in your Account Manager. The "Repost" column shows whether your item has been reposted or not. If the status reads "n/a", your unsold listing has already been reposted. If the status reads "Repost", the item has not been reposted.

To Repost An Item
While in the Unsold Listings View in your Account Manager, click on the "Repost" link next to your unsold listing. (it the link reads n/a means the item has been reposted already). You will be taken to the Post New Item form, which will be already filled in for you with all of the listing information. Review your listings and confirm the new listing.

To Auto-Repost An Item
Have the system automatically repost your "Unsold" Auctions and Instant Purchases. While in the Post New Item form View in the Timing Your Item area, check "Yes" to auto-post your listing then select the number of days your listing will run until. When this function is enabled, the listing will run and keep reposting until it sells.

What will happen if I list or reposted Prohibited, Questionable or Infringing Items on HubSwirl?
Violations of HubSwirl's policies could jeopardize your account status. Not only can you get suspended from HubSwirl's, but you could be sued by a rights owner and prosecuted by criminal authorities. Believe us, it happens and we don't want it to happen to you.

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