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How do I change my settings and profile?
All your settings (if you are registered) are stored in the database. To alter them click the Review Profile link. This will allow you to change all your settings and profile

How do I show an image next to my username?
There may be two images next a username when viewing feedback profiles and items. The first is an image associated with your feedback; generally these take the form of trophy or blocks of trophies indicating how many positive feedback you have earned.

You might see a larger image known as an avatar next to some users; this is generally unique or personal to each user. It is up to the support and technical teams to enable avatars and they have a choice over the way in which avatars can be made available. If you are unable to use avatars then this is the decision of the support and technical departments and you should ask them their reasons (we're sure they'll be good!).

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