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Categories - Which top-level category fits your item?

Browse through the categories on the left to get acquainted with our top-level categories. These categories also have subcategories that are more specific and will help buyers find your item more easily. You can choose a subcategory in the Category section of the Sell Your Item form.

Choose a Category - Help buyers find your item easily
Doing some research before you list your item can help you choose the most successful category for your item.

Try these tips:
Think creatively about your item. For example, maybe the item you first thought belonged in Bikes is better suited for Parts and Accessories.
Consider a number of possible categories. Search for items on HubSwirl's that are similar to yours and notice which categories they are listed in. Try several different keyword searches and see if you find particularly active categories.

Note: All items must be listed within relevant categories. HubSwirl's may move your listing if it's listed in a category that is unrelated to the item you are selling.

I'm having problems with Category Listings.
Peruse through the category selections to find the best category for your item. If you are still unsure about what category to choose try searching for similar items to see what other sellers have chosen as their categories. Make sure the category you choose is specific to your item. This will help potential bidders find your item.

I can't find the category I'm trying to list in.
The category lists can change from time to time. Either a category is moved or sometimes it's discontinued. If your category is no longer found in it's normal area, we suggest that you complete a search for other items, or the identical item you're selling. Once you have the search up, you can look through a few of the auctions and see what category those items are using. You can Click Here to suggest a new category that was never listed on HubSwirl's.

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