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After The Auction - Buyer

If you're new to buying on HubSwirl's, welcome! Thousands of items, from the practical to the peculiar, are waiting for you.

As auctions close, the system will email notifications to the sellers and high bidders of individual auctions. This notification will include all information necessary to close the sale. It will also indicate whether or not a reserve was met.

The bidder and the seller should contact each other to discuss payment and shipping. Please make every effort to make contact as soon as possible after the close of the auction, preferably within 3 days.

What if I won, but my Seller won't sell to me?
First, if the auction is a Reserve Price Auction and the Reserve is not met, the Seller is not obligated to sell the item to you.

If this is a listing without a Reserve Price or Seller exclusions (for example: Seller states they won't sell to buyers with Negative Feedback), the Seller is obligated to sell to you.

What if I can't reach my seller?
Like you, Sellers can have emergencies, illnesses, or computer problems. Check your Seller's Feedback to see what other users have said. If there is mostly Positive Feedback with little or no mention of problems, be patient. Your Seller may not be able to respond to you right away for legitimate reasons.

If you get no responses through email, you can request your Seller's phone number. After a reasonable amount of time, if you are still unable to contact the seller via email or phone, you can leave appropriate Feedback to alert other bidders about your experience.

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